Kinyon’s Elite Sauce

How a local entrepreneur is introducing an old favorite to new audiences.

Posted on April 10, 2019
Kinyon’s Elite Sauce

This week, we're excited to spotlight a local entrepreneur and his amazing sauce that is sure to enhance any dish.

Where It All Began

Timmy Young is no stranger to Shawnee. Along with raising his family here, he and his wife, Liz, have spent many years serving the local community by being active in non-profits and grass-roots organizations.

A while back, the opportunity arose for Timmy to acquire a sauce recipe made famous at the Elite Cafe, which was owned and operated by Isaac and Juanita Brannon until the mid-late 80's. The idea to manufacture and sell the sauce came shortly after acquiring the recipe. The recipe had always been around but no one in possession proceeded to scale their operation. Timmy was the guy to take it to the masses.

Evolving Into Kinyon’s Elite Sauce

Over time, the recipe was modernized for today's healthy conscience consumers. It contains no wheat products and is vegan friendly. After a few more tweaks here and there, it slowly became what is now known as Kinyon’s Elite Sauce, named after Timmy and Liz's only grandson.

This isn't just any sauce though. Its sweet, tangy, and smooth taste will go great with just about any dish. Heck! You might even find yourself replacing Kinyon’s Elite Sauce for catsup, hot sauce, mustard, mayonnaise or ranch dressing. Some have said it's the next condiment.

What People Are Saying

It's no secret that customers love Kinyon’s Elite Sauce. Here are some things people are saying:

"It isn’t exactly a BBQ sauce, but it’s better!" - Melody G.
"You should know that our daughter is hooked on this sauce! She eats it with wraps, scrambled eggs, etc!" - Kami V.
"The best sauce ever. We love it here in NC!" - Demise W.

Where To Buy

By now, you're probably wondering where you can buy Kinyon’s Elite Sauce. Along with the option to purchase online at, the following local retailers carry Kinyon’s Elite Sauce:

  • FireLake Grocery (Shawnee)
  • Hardesty Grocery (Shawnee)
  • Crow’s Market On Main (Shawnee)
  • Anthony Foods (Meeker)
  • Anthony Foods (Prague)

What's Next

It doesn't stop with Kinyon's Elite Sauce. Timmy's award winning Heavenly D'Lyte will be hitting the market this year. Also, he'll be launching fundraising opportunities to help non-profits and league teams/groups raise money.

Timmy's product line includes Kinyon's Elite Sauce, Heavenly D'Lyte, multiple flavors of popcorn, cookie dough, and beef jerky (made by a Shawnee High School graduate). Candles will eventually be part of the group as well.

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